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Annual meetings feature educational sessions and a teacher Board member election.

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Save the date for the 2024 Delegates Meeting! The event will return to the Saratoga Springs City Center Nov. 3-4, 2024. Additional details will be posted here in late August.

2023 Delegates Meeting

NYSTRS’ 2023 Delegates Meeting was held Nov. 5-6 at the Saratoga Springs City Center. Delegates attending the meeting re-elected Baldwinsville teacher Elizabeth A. Chetney to NYSTRS’ Board of Trustees. Read more about Chetney’s re-election in our headline “Delegates Re-Elect Chetney to NYSTRS Board.”

More than 600 delegates from across the state participated in the meeting, which featured educational presentations about NYSTRS' benefits and the strength and stability of the pension system.

Following are videos and slides from the presentations and sessions conducted at the Delegates Meeting.

The Role of the Delegate: As a delegate, you have two important functions: elect a teacher member to NYSTRS’ Board and serve as a System ambassador to your peers. Learn about our various resources to keep you and your fellow teachers informed about your benefits and to plan for retirement. (Watch The Role of the Delegate video)

Social Security Information: What do you need to know? We review key information, including benefit eligibility, calculations, taxes, earnings limits and cost-of-living adjustments. (Watch Social Security Information Video | Download presentation slides)

Tier 6 Overview: Learn key information about Tier 6, including member contributions and eligibility for benefits. (Watch Tier 6 Overview video | Download presentation slides)

Legal Update: Review of POAs, DROs and Trusts: Learn about important legal documents, including Power of Attorney (POA), Domestic Relations Orders (DRO) and trusts. (Watch Legal Update: Review of POAs, DROs and Trusts Video Download presentation slides)

Play “Retirement Quest” with Host Mr. Max Benefit: We invited delegates to the stage to play our new game show “Retirement Quest” hosted by Mr. Max Benefit. Two teams of delegates navigated their way through the career stages to make it to Retirement. Contestants answered questions about a member’s early-, mid- and late-career stage to win Retirement Quest! A panel of NYSTRS’ Expert Guides provided insight on the answers and contestants received prizes! (Watch Play “Retirement Quest” with Host Mr. Max Benefit Video)

The Strength and Stability of the System: Learn about NYSTRS’ funding and investment philosophies and how they lead to long-term success, strength and stability. We provided an overview of the health of the Retirement System and the thoughtful approach to managing the System’s assets. (Watch The Strength and Stability of the System Video | Download presentation slides)

NYSTRS Voices: Board Member Edition: We welcomed longtime NYSTRS trustees Dr. Phyllis S. Harrington and Nicholas Smirensky to the stage to discuss their roles on the Board. With a combined nearly 30 years serving NYSTRS members, they shared their experiences ensuring the System fulfills its mission to provide retirement security and be the model for pension fund excellence and exceptional customer service. (Watch NYSTRS Voices: Board Member Edition Video)

Delegate-Board/Staff Discussion (Watch Delegate-Board/Staff Discussion Video)

Election of Teacher Board Member (Watch Election of Teacher Board Member Video)

  • We appreciate you serving as a delegate and being a liaison with NYSTRS members in your district. We routinely email you pertinent information to assist you in your role as a delegate. We also send you educational information we hope you share with your colleagues to keep them informed about NYSTRS.

    Our primary means of reaching you is your school email address. Look for emails from us with the sender name "Convention Delegate" and [email protected] address. We send Delegates Meeting information, Delegate News, and monthly NYSTRS News emails to educate you on the System and to provide retirement planning information. If you do not receive our emails, check your spam folder or contact your IT department and ask them to whitelist emails from [email protected].

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Benefits Presentations

NYSTRS will visit your school to give a tailored presentation to members. Call 800-348-7298, ext. 4763 to learn more.