Snapshots of our financial strength and demographics.
  • Cover of the Get to Know NYSTRS inforgraphic

    Get to Know NYSTRS

    A snapshot of who we are, and how we’re governed and funded.

  • Cover of NYSTRS Finances infographic

    NYSTRS Finances

    The facts on NYSTRS’ finances. The bottom line: NYSTRS is one of the best-funded public pension plans in the nation. It is secure and sustainable.

  • Cover of The Pension Dollar infographic

    The Pension Dollar

    The NYSTRS pension dollar shows how the System is funded and the impact pensions have on the economy.

  • Cover of NYSTRS: Modeling Excellence infographic

    NYSTRS: Modeling Excellence

    The numbers tell the story: NYSTRS is healthy, efficient and sustainable.

  • Cover of A Fair and Sustainable Model infographic

    A Fair and Sustainable Model

    Over the past 30 years, NYSTRS' net position has increased nearly five fold despite paying out almost four times what it received in contributions.

  • Cover of Distribution of Annual Pensions infographic

    Distribution of Annual Pensions

    More than half of those receiving a NYSTRS benefit worked 30 years or more to earn it.

  • Cover of Lower Fees infographic

    Lower Fees

    Because NYSTRS manages a substantial portion of its assets internally, there's more money for investing and paying benefits.

  • Cover of Limiting Risk infographic

    Limiting Risk

    NYSTRS' highly diversified investment portfolio controls risk and keeps the pension system secure.

  • Cover of Average Employer Contribution Rate infographic

    Average Employer Contribution Rate

    This chart illustrates the percentage of salary school districts contribute to NYSTRS on behalf of members.

  • Cover of The NYSTRS Retiree infographic

    The NYSTRS Retiree

    A snapshot of what a typical retired member looks like.

  • Cover of Your Benefit is Secure infographic

    Your Benefit is Secure

    NYSTRS is built to withstand market fluctuations because of our prudent investment strategy and thoughtful stewardship.

  • Cover of Benefits Paid by County infographic

    Benefits Paid by County

    See the total payments and number of benefit recipients by New York State county.