Legal Forms

Download and print NYSTRS' legal forms. Contact our Legal department at 800-348-7298, ext. 6200 or [email protected] for assistance with these forms. For additional information, see our Legal Publications.

To ensure the confidentiality of your membership information and to protect your privacy, we do not send personal information via email. Likewise, please refrain from providing personal information (e.g., your Social Security number or EmplID) when emailing NYSTRS.

Forms mailed to NYSTRS will be considered filed on the day they are mailed if they are mailed by registered or certified mail via the U.S. Postal Service, or by an equivalent delivery service that provides mail tracking and is approved for use by NYSTRS. Please see the list of delivery services(Opens in a new window) currently approved by the System.

Trust Certification (LEG-1) 
Use this Certification of Trust for beneficiary designations.

Trust Certification (LEG-2) 
Use this Certification for a direct deposit to a Trust.

Special Durable Power of Attorney Form
Use this special POA to name an agent to act on your behalf with respect to your retirement benefit transactions at NYSTRS (this POA does not grant authority for any other legal transactions). Refer to our Power of Attorney FAQs for answers to many common questions.

Domestic Relations Order Form
Use our convenient online form to draft a Domestic Relations Order (DRO). Please also see our publication Domestic Relations Orders and a Participant's Retirement Benefit – A Guide to DROs and NYSTRS Benefits

Consent for New York Jurisdiction and Release
Absent a certified out-of-state DRO being registered in New York State, the participant must submit an original signed notarized Consent agreeing to treat the certified out-of-state DRO as a New York court order, authorize the System to make payments pursuant to the out-of-state DRO, release the System from any and all liability; and consent to any dispute regarding the out-of-state DRO be resolved by a court of competent jurisdiction in Albany, New York.