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Your First Look at NYSTRS
A pamphlet for new members and part-time or substitute teachers who have the option of joining NYSTRS.

Active Members’ Handbook
A comprehensive resource for active members.

Looking to the Future: Three Stages of Retirement Planning
A guide to NYSTRS' retirement-readiness services at each stage of a members' career:

You Deserve the Credit
A look at the various types of service credit that members may be eligible to claim.

Claiming Military Service
A guide to obtaining military service credit.

NYSTRS Membership Information for Teaching Assistants
Fact sheet explaining the pension choices available to teacher aides who were reclassified as teaching assistants.

Borrowing From Your NYSTRS Contributions
Questions and answers about taking a NYSTRS loan. Refer to our video Loan Truths... And Consequences and our loan taxability tutorial for important information.

When a Member Falls Ill or Passes Away
A publication to help guide NYSTRS members and their loved ones through difficult times, including filing a Power of Attorney (POA) document and reporting a death. More information about a POA is available on our POA FAQs page.