Nearing Retirement

Prepare for retirement by reviewing these publications.

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Looking to the Future: Retirement is Within Reach
Stage 3 of a three-part guide to NYSTRS' retirement-readiness services at each stage of a member's career.

Countdown to Retirement
A look at the steps a member should take in the year leading up to retirement.

Video: The Retirement Process
An overview of key dates and decisions in the retirement process.

A Seasonable Approach to Retiring
Read about the steps to take in your final school year.

NYSTRS Retirement Checklist
Retiring is a major life event with a lot to consider. This checklist is helpful for those planning to retire soon.

Maximum or an Option: Choosing a Benefit Payment Right for You
An explanation of the benefit payment choices members have at retirement.

Video: Your NYSTRS Benefit Payment: Making the Choice That's Right for You
An overview of the different NYSTRS benefit payment options.

If You Are No Longer Able to Work
A summary of NYSTRS benefits that may be available to members who must stop working due to serious illness or injury. Also watch our video Filing for Disability Protection: What You Need to Know.

General Income Tax Information
A tax fact sheet pertaining to loans, annuity savings funds and death benefits. Also addressed are common withholding questions as they relate to your retirement benefit.