Annual Delegates Meeting

Annual Delegates Meeting
The 2017 meeting will be held Sunday and Monday, Nov. 5-6, in Saratoga Springs.
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Jolene T. DiBrango, a teacher from Pittsford Central Schools, was unanimously re-elected to the Retirement Board at the Annual Meeting of NYSTRS Delegates held Nov. 6-7 in Saratoga Springs.

A strong supporter of defined benefit pension plans and a staunch defender of retiring with dignity, DiBrango was first elected to the Board in 2014. She serves on the Board’s Disability Review Committee. She was elected president of the Pittsford District Teachers Association in 2011. She has participated in NYSUT leadership programs and served on NYSUT's Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) and Leadership Institute work groups. DiBrango also was elected secretary of the Monroe County Federation of Teachers in 2013, followed by vice president in 2014, serving a one-year term in the latter position.

There are three teacher members on the 10-member Board, the others being Paul J. Farfaglia of Jordan-Elbridge and Timothy M. Southerton of Sayville. Board President David P. Keefe of Hempstead is the retired teacher representative.

NYSTRS Board members serve without compensation and represent various constituents, including active and retired members, school administrators and school boards. They are responsible as fiduciaries to protect the long-term value of the System's investment portfolio, providing benefit security for its more than 427,000 active and retired members.

In addition to the election, several informational breakout sessions were held, as well as a question-and-answer period with the NYSTRS Board and staff. Following are the presentations given at the meeting:

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