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Briefing Booklet
Key NYSTRS facts and figures.

NYSTRS by the Numbers
A statistical overview of NYSTRS, one of the nation's largest public pension systems.

2018 Compilation of Laws Covering NYSTRS
A compendium of the principal laws of New York State governing NYSTRS.

NYSTRS Rules and Regulations
A compilation of the official rules and regulations guiding NYSTRS.

A summary of the results of the annual actuarial valuation of System assets and liabilities and determination of the Employer Contribution Rate. Also refer to the Report on the 2015 Recommended Actuarial Assumptions.

NYSTRS' minority and women-owned business enterprises (MWBE) asset management and financial institution guidelines.

The MWBE asset management and financial institution strategy report pursuant to Chapter 171 of the Laws of 2010:

The Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) accounting standards impact public pension plans and participating employers. Learn more on the GASB Public Pension Accounting Standards page. Required disclosure materials for employers are found here.

Schedule of Employer Allocations and Schedule of Pension Amounts by Employer:

General Income Tax Information
A tax fact sheet pertaining to loans, annuity savings funds and death benefits. Also addressed are common withholding questions as they relate to your retirement benefit.

Fact Sheet Regarding Chapter 173 of the Laws of 2008
A summary regarding the effect of a divorce, annulment or legal separation on certain beneficiary designations naming the former spouse as beneficiary.

Fact Sheet Regarding Chapter 644 of the Laws of 2008
A summary of the provisions of Title 15 of Article 5 of the General Obligations Law relating to both the content and execution of the statutory short form power of attorney.

Special Durable Power of Attorney Form
This form is limited to retirement benefit transactions and does not apply to any other matters.

Impact of a Member's Bankruptcy on NYSTRS Benefits
A fact sheet regarding the effect a member's bankruptcy has on benefits and loans.

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