Get to Know NYSTRS
A snapshot of who we are, and how we’re governed and funded.
NYSTRS Finances
The facts on NYSTRS’ finances. The bottom line: NYSTRS is one of the best-funded pension plans in the nation. It is secure and sustainable.
The Pension Dollar
The NYSTRS pension dollar shows how the System is funded and the impact pensions have on the economy.
NYSTRS: Modeling Excellence
The numbers tell the story: NYSTRS is healthy, efficient and sustainable.
A Fair and Sustainable Model
Over the past 30 years, NYSTRS' net position has increased more than five fold despite paying out almost four times what it received in contributions.
Distribution of Annual Pensions
More than half of those receiving a NYSTRS benefit worked 30 years or more to earn it.
Lower Fees
Because NYSTRS manages a substantial portion of its assets internally, there's more money for investing and paying benefits.
Limiting Risk
NYSTRS' highly diversified investment portfolio controls risk and keeps the pension system secure.
Average Employer Contribution Rate
This chart illustrates the percentage of salary school districts contribute to NYSTRS on behalf of members.
The NYSTRS Retiree
A snapshot of what a typical retired member looks like.
What Do Teachers Think About Their Jobs and Pensions?
The National Institute on Retirement Security conducted a national poll at a time when state and local governments are struggling to recruit and retain employees.
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