Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are integral to NYSTRS’ mission to provide pension fund excellence and exceptional customer service.

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We actively seek to support each and every team member in feeling both empowered and comfortable in our work environment. Our approach to diversity, equity and inclusion is comprehensive, incorporating all business functions and operations. We chart our course through our adherence to the following commitments:

Recognizing Diversity as an Organizational Asset

Diversity is an asset to our organization bringing innovation, creativity and thoughtful solutions. Our commitment to recognizing diversity as an asset involves building cultural consciousness and social literacy and conveying our commitment clearly to all stakeholders. A few of the objectives guiding our commitment include: 

  • Our dedication to staffing and resources through our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion division.  
  • A robust employee training program and commitment to ongoing learning.
  • An intentional community engagement strategy.

Include and Cultivate Belonging for All 

Our commitment to building an inclusive workplace and cultivating belonging for all members of our community stems from our mission to provide pension fund excellence and exceptional customer service. Employee engagement and retention are critical our mission and require deliberate efforts to create a workplace that values, respects and empowers our employees. A few of our employee supports under this commitment include: 

  • Our employee network group framework, sometimes referred to as employee resource groups. 
  • NYSTRS Employee Mentorship Program (EMP) and Management Peer Mentor Partners Program (Partners).
  • Voluntary skill-based training and professional development programs open to all employees.

Set Organizational Equity Expectations

Our commitment to an equitable workplace means providing the access and opportunities necessary for all members of our community to succeed. As an organization we strive for equity across all business practices and operations. A few of our objectives under our equity commitment include:  

  • NYSTRS commitment to ensuring equal opportunity for all employees and qualified applicants.
  • Comprehensive support for continuous learning and professional development.
  • Our data-driven approach to ongoing review of policies, procedures and practices.

Evaluate and Assess Diligently

Our commitment to ongoing evaluation and assessment of diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives is founded in maintaining excellence in our workplace. Data-driven innovation serves as a cornerstone of our DEI strategy and supports thoughtful consideration in every stage of our program. A few ways we actualize our commitment to ongoing evaluation include: 

  • Surveys at various stages of employment garnering direct employee feedback.
  • Ongoing facilitation of employee focus groups.
  • A robust evaluation and assessment process for all trainings and programs.

Share Information Transparently

Our commitment to sharing information transparently is woven into the fabric of our inclusive and equitable workplace. These efforts encompass clear and transparent messaging, access to resources, and the deliberate inclusion of our community in our efforts. A few of our objectives under this commitment include: 

  • An emphasis on employee communication, engagement and feedback across all DEI initiatives.
  • Intentional and strategic efforts to broaden employee resources and accessibility of the DEI team.
  • Building focused partnerships toward pension industry DEI innovation and excellence.

NYSTRS is committed to assuring equal employment opportunity and equal access to services, programs and activities for persons with disabilities.  Our priority is to provide Reasonable Accommodations to qualified people with disabilities, to enable each person to perform the essential functions of the position for which they are applying or which they are employed.