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Important Note to Vendors: Please be aware that fraudsters may attempt to impersonate NYSTRS staff when contacting you. Be vigilant in verifying the authenticity of communications you receive and exercise caution when providing sensitive information. 

The Purchasing Unit of NYSTRS' Finance Department awards competitively bid contracts to acquire commodities, services and technology in the best interest of NYSTRS for official business use by NYSTRS staff. Exceptions to the competitive bidding process include, but are not limited to, certain contracts specifically authorized and approved by the Retirement Board, such as investment management contracts. Purchasing's primary function is to ensure that NYSTRS receives the best possible products and services at the lowest possible cost or best value. 

  • NYSTRS encourages all segments of the business community to participate in its purchasing program.

    Rules governing purchasing and contract procedures were established under the concept of open competitive bidding in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations. Under this system, purchase awards are made to the responsive and responsible vendor with the lowest price or offering best value who meets NYSTRS' specifications and conditions, and also has the capacity to deliver the service or product. These specifications and conditions are outlined in bid packages that are available to all interested vendors.

    The Purchasing Unit coordinates vendor contracts and supervises the procurement process to ensure compliance with purchasing policies and procedures.

    NYSTRS will not be responsible for purchases made without prior authorization from the Purchasing Unit. Goods should not be shipped or services should not be performed without obtaining a duly issued and valid form of purchase authorization from an authorized representative of NYSTRS, including a purchase order, statement of work, professional services agreement, engagement letter, or authorized use of a procurement or travel card.

    Policies of Note to Vendors

    Vendors are encouraged to read the following important policies:


  • Solicitation Information

    NYSTRS has partnered with Bonfire Interactive to create a new solicitation portal that will allow bidders to receive notifications of formal competitive procurements (RFPs, IFBs, RFIs) and electronically submit bids and proposals.

    • Registration on Bonfire is mandatory to participate in NYSTRS formal competitive procurements. Solicitation documents will only be available in Bonfire, and all bids must be submitted through Bonfire.
    • Registration is free and easy. Visit and follow the link to the Bonfire vendor registration page to register your company.
    • Registered vendors will be alerted to upcoming solicitations based on the selected Vendor Type and/or NAICS code(s).
    • After registering, bidders may navigate to the Open Public Opportunities tab to view NYSTRS procurement opportunities.
    • Bidders are solely responsible for the electronic submittal of their response and NYSTRS is not responsible for any transmission errors or delays.
    • All questions and requests for clarification must be submitted via the portal during the "Question" period.  No exceptions.
    Bonfire Technical Support
    Contact Bonfire for support at [email protected] with any questions regarding the Bonfire website.
  • Information about New York State subcontractors and suppliers is available from:

                  NYS Department of Economic Development
                  Division for Small Business
                  633 Third Avenue, 33rd Floor
                  New York, NY 10017

                  (518) 292-5100
                  [email protected]

    directory of certified minority and women-owned business enterprises is available from:

                  NYS Department of Economic Development
                  Division of Minority and Women's Business Development
                  633 Third Avenue, 33rd Floor
                  New York, NY 10017

                  (212) 803-2414
                  [email protected]

    list of certified NYS Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Businesses is available from:

                  NYS Office of General Services
                  Division of Service-Disabled Veterans’ Business Development
                  32nd Floor, Corning Tower
                  Empire State Plaza
                  Albany, NY 12242

                  (518) 474-2015
                  [email protected]