1099-Rs Available in MyNYSTRS


Retirees: Your 1099-R tax statement is now available in your online MyNYSTRS account. If you opted to receive a printed copy, your 1099-R was mailed to you in late January.

To access your 1099 online, log in to your secure MyNYSTRS account, click My Retirement at the top of the page and then select 1099 Forms.

If you are subscribed to the paper copy and you do not receive your tax statement in the mail by early February, call us at (800) 348-7298, Ext. 6120. Questions about individual tax liabilities, however, should be directed to a certified tax professional or the IRS, not NYSTRS staff.

Not sure if you are e-subscribed or if you will receive a paper copy? Visit the My Account/E-Subscriptions page of your MyNYSTRS account to check and make any subscription changes there. Don’t have a secure MyNYSTRS account yet? It’s easy to create an account. Register now!

You need your 1099-R, which shows your gross benefit amount, the taxable amount of your pension and any federal tax withheld, to complete your 2023 income tax forms.

Your NYSTRS pension is not subject to New York state tax but is subject to federal tax. If you live outside New York state, the tax laws of your state apply.

If you need to change your tax withholding, you may do so online through MyNYSTRS by visiting the Tools/W-4P Withholding Election page. Or you may submit a completed W-4P Withholding Certificate for Periodic Pension or Annuity Payments (FIN-149.1) form found on the Forms/Retiree-Forms page.