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Benefit Enhancement Credit (Article 19)
NYSTRS is one of the most secure and well-funded public pension plans in the country. Learn about our strategy.
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Our portfolio value highlights:

  • 97% funded using a market value of our assets
  • 99% funded using an actuarial value of our assets
  • 8.9% 10-year rate of return as of 6/30/22
  • 8.5% 30-year rate of return as of 6/30/22

These results are top decile compared to peer public pension plans.

NYSTRS’ assets are invested in the most prudent manner possible in order to achieve optimum long-term total returns with an appropriate level of risk. The System is committed to a disciplined, risk-controlled investment approach that focuses on thoughtful and prudent diversification of assets across a broad spectrum of capital market segments. The allocation of assets within the portfolio, as well as the fund’s overall structure and focus on the long term, are continuously reviewed and adjusted as appropriate to achieve these goals.

This strategy enables us to pay guaranteed benefits to our members and their beneficiaries at the lowest possible cost to participating employers and the taxpayers that fund them.

Learn more about NYSTRS’ investments, finances and member statistics on the NYSTRS by the Numbers and infographics pages and in our annual financial reports.

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