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Retirement Board
NYSTRS’ 10-member Board sets policy and oversees System operations.
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Election for the Retired Teacher Board Seat

An election is being held for the retired teacher member seat on NYSTRS' 10-member Board. The successful candidate will serve a three-year term from Jan. 1, 2023 through Dec. 31, 2025. Only NYSTRS members who are retired as of Oct. 1 are eligible to vote in this election. 

Read our headline "Election Being Held for Retired Teacher Board Seat" to learn about the candidates: incumbent David P. Keefe and Sally L. Courtright. The headline also provides important information about the election timeline.

About NYSTRS' Board 

Trustees serve without compensation and are responsible as fiduciaries to protect the long-term value of the System's investment portfolio and provide benefit security for members. They are entrusted to invest funds at the highest possible long-term rate of return consistent with appropriate levels of diversity and risk. This must be accomplished at the lowest possible cost to participating employers.

The Board receives counsel from staff, advisory committees and investment consultants to help formulate its investment policy. The Board’s Investment Beliefs, which are entailed in the Board Governance Manual, provide a consistent and transparent framework to guide the System’s investment decision-making processes. The Beliefs reflect NYSTRS’ fiduciary responsibility to its members and its commitment to the System’s Mission, Vision and Values. Refer to the Investments page for more information about NYSTRS' investment strategy and current holdings.

Resolution in Support of Ukraine

The Board unanimously adopted a resolution in support of Ukraine. Refer to the resolution, which was adopted March 4, 2022. 

Board Composition

Trustees represent various constituents, including active and retired teachers, school administrators and school boards. The Board's composition, including selection criteria and term length, is mandated by law as follows:

  • Three teacher members are elected from the membership, one each year, by delegates to the System's Annual Meeting.
  • One NYSTRS retiree is elected (if there is more than one candidate) by a mail vote of all retired members.
  • Two school administrators are appointed by the state Commissioner of Education.
  • Two present or former school board members, experienced in the fields of finance and investment, are elected by the Board of Regents based on recommendations of the New York State School Boards Association. At least one of these individuals must have experience as an executive of an insurance company.
  • One present or former bank executive is elected by the Board of Regents.
  • The State Comptroller or a designee.

Trustees serve three-year terms, except the State Comptroller (or designee) who serves while in office.

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