NYSTRS invests in several diverse asset classes.
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This diversification of assets helps us earn the highest possible long-term rate of return within appropriate risk levels. In turn, this enables us to pay guaranteed benefits to members and their beneficiaries at the lowest possible cost to participating employers and the taxpayers that fund them.

NYSTRS' total fund return, net of fees, for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2019 was 7.1%. Our 10-year rate of return was 10.4% and our 30-year return was 8.8%. NYSTRS remains among the best-funded public pension systems in the nation. Using a market value of assets, our most recent funded status was 101%. Using an actuarial value of assets, we were 99% funded.

Our focus remains on investing for the long term, utilizing a disciplined investment approach with a strong emphasis on risk control. With 60% of our assets administered internally by System staff, we are able to manage investments at a very low cost compared to the value of assets — 26 basis points.

Current Holdings

The System's most-recent list of investments is below. We update this list approximately two weeks after the end of each quarter.

Domestic Equity Holdings
Global Equity Holdings

Domestic Fixed Income Holdings
Global Fixed Income Holdings

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