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December Happy Holidays from NYSTRS; New on NYSTRS.org: Employer District Specific Issue Report – Issue Code Reference Guide; and Coming Soon: NYSTRS Employer Reporting Webinars!
November Important Updates for Employer Loan Bills; Annual Benefit Profiles Sent to NYSTRS Members; and Retirement/Benefit Processing Reports.
October Administrative Bulletins and Reporting Tips Now Searchable by Topic; Monthly Reporting Reminders; Grievances and Settlement Agreements; and Member Name and Address Changes.
September New Feature: Update Your School District Contacts in ESA; Tier 6 Member Rate Changes Available in ESA; Did Your Lowest Entry Level Teacher Salary Increase?; Mandatory or Optional Membership; and Review Your Incomplete Membership Registrations in ESA.
August Holdover Pay/Prior Year Earnings; Verifying or Registering New Employees; and Updated Payee Name and Mailing Address for Loan Payments.
July How to Report Loan Payments During the Summer; Year-End Exception Reports (YEERs) Coming Soon; Driver Education, Driver Education Coordinator, and 5-Hour Pre-licensing Course Reminders; and Billing Process for Monthly, Estimated and Final Bills.
June NYSTRS Summer Hours Begin June 22; Have Reporting Questions? We’re Here to Help!; What is the Difference Between a Member’s Date of Resignation and Official Date of Retirement?; Summer School, Holdover and Retro Pay Categories Defined; and Help Ensure Benefit Accuracy by Reporting in Accordance with NYSTRS’ Guidance.
May What is Instructional Pay?; Prior Service Credit; Beware of NYSTRS Imposters; Expiration of Temporary Passwords for New ESA Users; and Have Reporting Questions? You Have an Editor for That!
April Tier 6 Contribution Rates for the 2023-24 School Year Now Available; NOW AVAILABLE: Electronic Payments via Automated Clearing House Payment for Employer Loan Bills; Updated Mailing Address for Loan Payments; Delegates and Alternates Must be Reported to NYSTRS by July 1; and What’s New for Members.
March Report Earnings After Retirement to NYSTRS; Several NYSTRS Forms Recently Updated; NYSTRS Must Review Grievances and Settlement Agreements; Administrative Bulletin Addresses Reporting of Extended Day and Summer Programs; What is an ABPR? and Be Sure to Update School District Contacts with NYSTRS.
January Update 2022 Earnings After Retirement by March 31; Delegate Election Period Opens Soon; Have Your Payroll Codes Been Updated with NYSTRS Lately?; and Deceased Member Notification Page and Report.