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April Are You Missing Important NYSTRS Emails? Here’s How to Fix It; Updates Coming Soon for Tier 6 Contribution Rates for 2024-25; and Contribution Rates Being Added to MyNYSTRS; Employers Can Access Rates in ESA.
March Register for our April 9 Employer Webinar on Tier 6 Contribution Rates; March 31 Earnings After Retirement Reporting Deadline Nears; Delegates Needed to Fill Midterm Vacancies; NYSTRS Must Review Grievances and Settlement Agreements; How to Report Overpayments; and Update Your School District Contacts in ESA.
February NYSTRS to Host Employer Webinar on Tier 6 Contribution Rates; Don’t Miss the March 31 Deadline to Report Earnings After Retirement; Review Incomplete Membership Registrations in ESA; Prior Service Credit Guide and FAQs Added to Employer Manual; and Help Our Members to Beware of Financial Advisor Imposters.
January Important Update to NYSTRS Disability Retirement Eligibility Requirements; Update 2023 Earnings After Retirement by March 31; and Deceased Member Notification Page and Report.
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