Retiree Forms

Retiree Forms

Print NYSTRS forms. Call our Hotline at (800) 782-0289 to request forms be mailed to you.
Important COVID-19 Note: Because the majority of NYSTRS staff are telecommuting until further notice, the processing of some forms will likely be delayed. We are prioritizing transactions such as pension payments, direct deposit changes, disability retirements, death benefits and loans. Whenever possible, please file forms through your MyNYSTRS account.

Member Name/Address Change (GRE-50) | Note: We urge you to update your address online in MyNYSTRS.

Seasonal Address Form (RET-2)
To have NYSTRS mail sent to your seasonal address.

Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement (GRE-54) | Note: We urge you to update your banking information online in MyNYSTRS.
If you need assistance completing the direct deposit form, see the Direct Deposit Authorization Fact Sheet (GRE-54.1). If you want to deposit your benefit to a bank account titled to a Trust, see Instructions for Direct Deposit to Trust (LEG-2) for eligibility and guidance.

W-4P Withholding Election and Certificate (FIN-149) | Note: We urge you to update your election online in MyNYSTRS.

Reporting Your New York State Public Employment Earnings (RMS-64.1) | Note: We urge you to report your earnings online in MyNYSTRS.

Designation of Beneficiary for In-Service or Post-Retirement Paragraph 2 Death Benefit (NET-11.4)

Designation of Beneficiary for Retirees Electing a Guarantee Option (RMS-5.3)

Designation of Beneficiary for Retirees Electing a Lump Sum Option (RMS-5)

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