Benefit Estimate Request


There are three ways to obtain an estimate of your NYSTRS benefit.

1. MyNYSTRS Pension Estimator: This online estimator uses your most-recent earnings and service credit information to estimate your pension. You can run the numbers using various dates of retirement and earnings projections. Estimates can be run for the Maximum benefit payment or an option that would provide beneficiary protection. Login to MyNYSTRS and visit the My Tools > Pension Estimator page.

2. Estimate Request: Print this form (EST-35.1) and mail it to NYSTRS. We will then mail you an estimate.

3. Online Benefit Estimate Request: Use this electronic form to request up to three estimates of your benefit for different dates of retirement.
Please note: This form will be disabled on 12/28/17. We encourage you to use either of the two options above to obtain an estimate.

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