Active Member Forms

Active Member Forms

Download and print NYSTRS forms. Call our Hotline at (800) 782-0289 to request forms be mailed to you.

Membership Application (NET-2)

Member Name/Address Change (GRE-50)

Designation of Beneficiary (NET-11.4)

Loan Application (LON-26)
Refer to our video Loan Truths... And Consequences and our loan taxability tutorial for important information.

Election to Reinstate (RIS-1)

Trust Certification (LEG-1)

Special Durable Power of Attorney Form
This form is limited to retirement benefit transactions and does not apply to any other matters. Please read the Fact Sheet Regarding Chapter 644 of the Laws of 2008.

Domestic Relations Order Form
Use this online form to draft a Domestic Relations Order.

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