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Issue Date Topics
August How to Process New Employees; Tier 3 and 4 Members No Longer Required to Contribute; Update Your Lowest Entry Level Teacher Salary; Browser Upgrade May Be Needed; and Address Holdover Pay/Prior Year Earnings Now.
July Reporting Earnings for Paid Leave Related to COVID-19; Reporting Loan Payments During the Summer; Communicating Information Containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII); and Year-End Reports
June NYSTRS Summer Hours Begin June 25; Expiration of Temporary Passwords for New ESA Users; and What is the Difference Between a Member’s Date of Resignation and Official Date of Retirement?
May Annual Certification for Earnings After Retirement and Report New NYSTRS Delegates in the Employer Secure Area by Oct. 6.
April Employer Reporting Amid the COVID-19 Shutdown; Sharing Information Containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII); Filing for Disability Protection; and A Message to Share with Your NYSTRS Members.
March Updating ESA User Email Addresses; Driver Education Coordinator/5-Hour Pre-Licensing Course; and Tier 6 Contribution Rates for the 2019-20 School Year.
February Monthly Accounts Receivable (AR) Statements Now Available in ESA; How to Update ESA Users and School District Contacts; and Grievances and Settlement Agreements.
January Reporting Earnings After Retirement; Calculating Service Credit for Coaches; and Member Loan Information.
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