Retirement Help Remains Available


While daily life may be anything but routine during this coronavirus crisis, your plans for retirement can still proceed smoothly and NYSTRS is here to help.

Even though in-person benefits consultations have been suspended, you can get all the important information you need in a phone consultation with one of our Retirement System representatives. You can book an appointment through your MyNYSTRS account or by calling us at (800) 348-7298. And, while PREP seminars have also been placed on hold, you can now watch video versions of all our PREP seminar modules online on our website. Find the videos on the Pension & Retirement Education Program page.

One key fact to note: Your retirement date is tied to your collective bargaining agreement, NOT the last day you work. That means, even if your last day of teaching is moved up, you cannot move up the effective date of your retirement.

Your effective date of retirement must be at least one day beyond the last date you earn salary under contract. For example, if you last earn salary under contract on June 30 (even if the last day you actually work is earlier), the earliest effective date of retirement you could elect is July 1.

When you are ready to file your retirement application, we encourage you to file online through your MyNYSTRS account. It’s fast, easy and secure. Filing online streamlines the process, helps you avoid mistakes that might delay the processing of your form, and eliminates the need to fill out and mail an eight-page paper application. Also, the online application does not need to be notarized, while a paper application requires notarization.

If you do choose to file a paper application, please note that the application requires notarization. (A New York State executive order permitted the use of e-notarizations but the order was rescinded as of June 24, 2021.) We suggest that you use registered or certified mail for timely delivery of any paper applications.

For more details on filing for retirement, we encourage you to check out the NYSTRS Retirement Checklist, our Ready to Retire page and the Retirement Planning FAQs on our website. You may also call us at (800) 348-7298, Ext. 6250, or send us a secure message through MyNYSTRS.

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