Three Generations of Teachers Span 100-Year History of NYSTRS

Teaching requires so much more than just dedication to a job, and it’s not uncommon to see a love of teaching and devotion to the well-being of children passed down from generation to generation.

Kim Kane, a teacher in the Oriskany Central School District, is a third-generation teacher from a family of teachers whose careers span 1919 to the present — roughly the 100-year history of NYSTRS. Their careers have given them fulfillment and their NYSTRS memberships gave them financial security.

"Teaching is a career of the heart as much as of the mind," said Kane, who is now looking ahead toward retirement with bittersweet feelings. Kane’s grandparents were able to have an enjoyable retirement and her father was able to explore a second career, thanks to the stability of their NYSTRS pensions.

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