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Retirement Planning Services and Tools

Retirement planning doesn't have to be complicated. NYSTRS provides a variety of tools and services to help you.

Our Active Members' Handbook summarizes NYSTRS benefits, and our Countdown to Retirement pamphlet helps keep your retirement planning on track by reviewing the steps you should take as your retirement date approaches. (A Seasonable Approach to Retiring offers a one-page summary of these steps.) Our Retirement Countdown video also reviews key tasks in the retirement process.

Your Benefit Profile, sent annually and available online with a MyNYSTRS account, contains valuable planning information, including projections of your future retirement benefits. A "Benefit Profile Tutorial" is now available on our website in two different formats. The interactive version allows users to review the Profile cover-to-cover or to learn more about specific pages of interest. The video version takes members through the entire Profile.

Tier 1-5 Members           Interactive           Video
Tier 6 Members           Interactive           Video

The MyNYSTRS Pension Estimator allows you to project your pension based on salary and service data reported to us by employers. Or, you can submit a benefit estimate based on specific dates you select.

Our Pension & Retirement Education Program (PREP) explains the critical benefit-related decisions you must make, and reviews financial and legal considerations that help ease the adjustment to retirement.

Benefits consultations enable you to meet with a NYSTRS representative to ask questions about your specific situation and receive printed estimates of your retirement benefit. You can meet with a representative in person or via video conference.

Our pamphlet Maximum or an Option: Choosing a Benefit Payment Right for You explains of the benefit choices you have at retirement.

The General Income Tax Information fact sheet offers pertinent information about taxes and addresses withholding questions as they relate to your retirement benefit.

Lastly, print a Service Retirement Application (RET-54), as well as other System Forms.