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Video Vault

Benefit Profile Tutorial

Benefit Profile Tutorial (New)
Take a page-by-page tour of one of your most important retirement planning tools.
(run time: 11 minutes)


Let NYSTRS help PREP you for retirement.
(run time: 1 minute)

Loan Truths... And Consequences Video

Loan Truths... And Consequences
Take our advice: Watch this video before you take out a NYSTRS loan.
(run time: 2 minutes)


MyNYSTRS: Your Information on
Your Schedule

Learn about the benefits of registering for a MyNYSTRS account.
(run time: 1 minute)

A Two-Minute Tutorial for New Members

A Two-Minute Tutorial for New Members
Are you new to the New York State Teachers' Retirement System? Give us two minutes and we'll tell you what you need to know about your NYSTRS membership.
(run time: 2 minutes)

Filing for Disability Protection: What You Need to Know

Filing for Disability Protection: What You
Need to Know

If you face a potentially life-threatening illness or surgery, consider filing a disability retirement application. Doing so provides a safety net for you and your beneficiaries.
(run time: 2 minutes)

PSI: Prior Service Investigation

PSI: Prior Service Investigation
Prior service doesn't have to be a mystery. Join the PSI team as they follow the clues to investigate a NYSTRS member's service history.
(run time: 6 minutes)

10 Corp

10 Corp
The leadership at NYSTRS tries to find new and creative ways to reach younger members of the retirement system.
(run time: 3 minutes)

Benefit Payment Choice Video

Your NYSTRS Benefit Payment: Making the Choice That's Right for You
An overview of the different NYSTRS benefit payment options.
(run time: 8 minutes)

Retirement Countdown Video

Retirement Countdown
A tutorial on the tasks members should complete during their last year of employment.
(run time: 13 minutes)