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Viewing Our Website

NYSTRS supports the most up-to-date stable versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari, as well as Internet Explorer 8.0 and newer. This website may function on other browsers, but they are not officially supported by NYSTRS.

Adjust Text Size

You can modify the text size of our website using the plus and minus magnifiers located at the top of our website (under the main heading). Please note that the text in PDF files and images will not change using this approach.

Alternately, you can modify the text size in Internet Explorer by clicking on "View" and select "Text Size." 

Opening New Windows

Links to PDF documents, some publications and other websites will open in a new browser window, as indicated with the pop-up message "Opens in a new window."  If a new browser window opens, you can return to the previous page by clicking the "X" in the upper right-hand corner to close the window.  In all other cases, use the back arrow to return to the previous page.

Opening PDF Files

All of our forms and some publications available on our website are "Portable Document Format" files, more commonly known as PDF files.  This format allows you to display and print a file exactly as the original document appears.  If you are unable to view or print PDF files, you may need to download a free copy of the Adobe Reader.  Once you have installed the reader, it will automatically work whenever you click on a PDF on the Internet.

Registering for a MyNYSTRS Account

To access your personal NYSTRS benefit information online, you must register for a MyNYSTRS account. After creating the account, NYSTRS will email you a randomly assigned temporary password. You will have to login within 30 days to activate your account.

When members have a problem registering for an account, it is often for one of the following reasons.

Multiple Registrations: If you have already successfully registered for a MyNYSTRS account, you cannot register again.  However, you can change your password at any time after logging in.

Incorrect Information Provided: Your registration cannot be completed unless the NYSTRS EmplID, last four digits of your Social Security number, and date of birth that you enter match the information in our records. We must also have your current address on file.

Inactive Membership: MyNYSTRS is only available to active NYSTRS members and retirees.  You cannot register if your membership is no longer active (e.g., you have withdrawn from membership or have transferred to another New York State public retirement system), or if you are not a member but are receiving a payment from NYSTRS as the result of a domestic relations order.

Accessing Your MyNYSTRS Account

If you cannot access your MyNYSTRS account, it may be for one of the following reasons:

Initial Login After 30 Days:  To activate your MyNYSTRS account, you must login to your account within 30 days of receiving your temporary password.  If your initial login occurs later, you will need to re-register.

Wrong Temporary Password: Passwords are case sensitive. When logging into MyNYSTRS with the temporary password, you must enter it exactly as we sent it to you.

Forgotten Password: If you forget the password you created (upon activating your account), visit the MyNYSTRS login page and click "Forgot Password." After you enter identifying information, you may enter a new password of your choosing and proceed to log in.

Forgotten Username: If you forget the username you created, visit the MyNYSTRS login page and click "Forgot Username."  After you enter identifying information, your username will be displayed.

Cached Copy of Old Version: Periodically MyNYSTRS is temporarily unavailable due to regular maintenance.  At those times, we post a message indicating the date that access will resume.  If you try to enter MyNYSTRS and the message shows an expected resumption date that has already passed, your browser may be accessing an old cached copy of the page instead of the current version.  You can link directly to the current login page by clicking here.

If You Still Have Questions

If you have difficulty using our website and cannot find the answer above, please call us at (800) 348-7298.

If you have general questions about NYSTRS benefits or services, please see our Contact Us page.