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Active Member Forms

Here you will find printable versions of NYSTRS forms. To receive System forms by mail, call our Hotline at (800) 782-0289.

When mailing a completed form to NYSTRS, note that if sent by Certified or Registered mail, we will consider it received on its postmark date.

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Member Name/Address Change (GRE-50)

Designation of Beneficiary (NET-11.4)

Benefit Estimate Request (EST-35.1)  You may also submit an electronic
estimate request.

Loan Application (LON-26) Refer to our video Loan Truths... And Consequences and our loan taxability tutorial for important information.

Membership Application (NET-2)

Election to Reinstate (RIS-1)

Trust Certification (LEG-1)

Special Durable Power of Attorney Form (Note: This form is limited to retirement benefit transactions and does not apply to any other matters. Please read the Fact Sheet Regarding Chapter 644 of the Laws of 2008.)