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New York State Teachers' Retirement System
Employer Manual

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The New York State Teachers' Retirement System (hereafter referred to as NYSTRS, TRS or the System) has continually made efforts to improve service to our participating employers. In keeping with this tradition, we take great pleasure in providing you with this Employer Manual to serve as your primary resource when meeting NYSTRS responsibilities. This manual should be made readily accessible to staff who communicate with the Retirement System on such matters as the employer reporting process, registration of new members and service credit adjustments.

As a participating employer of this System, you play a significant role in providing timely and accurate information that eventually determines benefits payable to our members. We recognize you have served in this role conscientiously in the past and we encourage you to continue your cooperation while helping us to better serve our members and employers.

Please utilize this manual as a guide when corresponding with NYSTRS. We sincerely hope it will serve to assist you on a regular basis.

The System was established by the New York State legislature on August 1, 1921, under Article 11 of the Education Law, as a method of combining various individual pension systems administered by school districts. It is a public agency having the powers and privileges of a corporation.

Control of the administration and operation of the System is vested in a 10-member Board that sets policy and oversees operations consistent with appropriate statute. Three members of our Board are elected by the System's active membership, one is elected by our retired members, and six are appointees/electees representing the educational and financial professions. Executive Director & CIO Thomas K. Lee manages the System while reporting directly to the Board. 




Section 1: Membership
Section 2: Employer Reporting For School Districts
Section 3: Employer Reporting For SUNY and Community Colleges
Section 4: Reportable Salaries
Section 5: Employer Reporting Interface
Section 7: Rejected File Error Messages
Section 8: Reporting a Member or Retiree Death
Section 9: Service Crediting
Section 10: CETA Service
Section 11: Military Service
Section 12: Prior Service
Section 13: Transfers
Section 14: Loans

Section 15: Retirement Report (QTR-78)

Section 16: Employer Billing

Section 17: Refunds

Section 18: NYSTRS Benefit Profile
Section 19: Retirement Applications
Section 20: Earnings After Retirement 
Section 21: Employer Pickup 

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Telephone Directory

Albany-area callers should call (518) 447-2900 and use the extensions below.

Member and Employer Services
Employer Reporting 
(800) 356-3128     Ext. 6220
Fax Machine 
(518) 447-2979                   
Bulk Form Order 
(800) 348-7298     Ext. 2638
Members’ Forms Request 
(800) 782-0289                   
Loan Information 
(800) 348-7298     Ext. 6080
(800) 348-7298     Ext. 6190
Membership Reinstatement 
(800) 348-7298     Ext. 6070
Military Service
(800) 348-7298     Ext. 6060
Prior Service 
(800) 348-7298     Ext. 6030
Retirement Reports
(800) 356-3128     Ext. 6220
Member Benefits
Disability Retirement 
(800) 348-7298     Ext. 6010
Fax Machine 
(518) 447-2720                   
General Information
(800) 348-7298     Ext. 6250
Retired Member Services 
(800) 356-3128     Ext. 6150
Service Retirement Processing 
(800) 348-7298     Ext. 6000
Withdrawal of Membership 
(800) 348-7298     Ext. 6090

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